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Like most Americans, you've probably seen the Miss America
competition televised live annually from Atlantic City, NJ. What you
probably haven't seen is what's going on behind the scenes of the show,
thanks to hundreds of thousands of volunteers throughout the country.

The nationally televised Miss America competition is just one very
small part of a nationwide, community service network that operates
12 months a year in every state and more than a thousand cities and
towns across the country. On an annual basis, Miss America state
and local titleholders, along with the Organization's network of
volunteers, participate in more than 12,000 community service
projects, providing in excess of 500,000 service hours to worthy causes.

The Miss America Organization is one of the nation's leading
achievement programs and the world's largest provider of scholarship
assistance for young women. Each year, the Miss America Organization
makes available more than $41 million in cash and tuition scholarship
assistance. The program exists to give young women a vehicle to
further their personal and professional goals, while providing a forum
in which they can express their talents, intelligence and opinions
on culture, politics and the community.

Local and state Miss America programs - more than a thousand of them, in fact
are all part of the vast Miss America network. The
volunteers who run these programs do much more than put on an
annual competition. They provide scholarships that help finance
the education of thousands of young women every year. They create
opportunities for young women's voices to be heard across the
nation on important social issues. And they help young women gain
the personal and professional skills they need to succeed in life.

The volunteers who become involved are just like you. They come
from all walks of life, every generation and represent all professions
and academic disciplines. Those who become volunteers tend to stay involved
because they're making a difference and having a great time along the way.
The Miss America Organization offers volunteers a unique opportunity
to integrate their diverse backgrounds and interests to make valuable
contributions to their communities, empower young women, form
lifelong friendships, further their own business objectives and
dabble in the glitz and glamour of show business.

 If you have time, talent, a service or a venue to contribute, we
have a place - and a need - for you. Whether you raise scholarship
dollars, work as a backstage assistant,  wash cars at a fundraiser
or reach out to other community service organizations and educators
to secure briefings and platform related appearances for your Miss
America titleholder, you will be making a positive difference in your
community and in young women's lives.


Volunteer of the year

2014 - Wendy Steidle
2013 - Rachel Glenn
2012 - Patti Johnson
2011 - Debbie Greenleaf
2010 - Gail Bailey
2009 - Heidi Brennan
2008 - Cheri Sandberg
2007 - Stacy Howard
2006 - Jennifer Johnson
2005 - Claudia Nikola
2004 - Linda Sumner
2003 - Pati Mest
2002 - Sandy Kurth
2001 - Rae Skillington
2000 - Dixie Kuhlman
1999 - Kathy Ayers
1998 - Pati Mest

hostess of the year

2014 - Brenda Patterson
2013 - Sheri Hargrave
2012 - Dana Henry & Brenda Harris
2011 - Patti Johnson
2010 - Tonia Ulbricht
2009 - Debbie Dillon
2008 - Linda Devenport
2007 - Debbie Greenleaf

Lifetime achievement award

2013 - Linda Sumner
2010 - Don Gruener
2009 - Craig Douglas
2006 - Sue Hamilton
2005 - Jann Leeper
2004 - Teri Leeper-Blue

oregon volunteer of the year

2005 - Jann Leeper & Pati Mest
2004 - Teri Leeper-Blue