To compete in the Miss Klamath County-Miss City of Sunshine Scholarship Pageant, a candidate must first complete a pre-pageant screening process and meet basic eligibility requirements:

Be a resident of Klamath County for at least 6 months prior to the local competition or; be registered as a full-time student within Klamath County or; be employed full time (32 hrs wk) within Klamath County for at least 6 months prior to the local competition or; employed part-time (16 hrs wk) and attending school part-time (6 hrs wk).  Entrant must maintain the basis for which she claims eligibility throughout the local and state competition.

Be a high school graduate or holder of a GED by June 25, 2019

Be no younger than 17 at the time of the local competition and; no older than 25 by December 31, 2019.

Be a United States citizen

Raise $100 in donations for the Children's Miracle Network @ Miss America 4 Kids

For other eligibility requirements see


Personal Interview with Judges 25%
Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Interview Attire
●Allows insight into the candidate’s ability to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the job description and contract
●Provides the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the candidate’s qualities and attributes to fulfill the titleholder position
●Allows insight into the commitment to advance and execute on her social impact initiative and have a year of service-not celebrity
●Allows insight into the commitment to continue her education
●Allows insight into the ability to express and distinguish her beliefs and have a true knowledge of the world around her
●Ability to get sense of accomplishments above and beyond the resume

On Stage Interview 15%
Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Interviewing for the Job
●Advancing the same criteria as the personal interview by bringing it on stage in an interactive energetic way to showcase each candidates’ intelligence, personality,charisma,and aptitude for the titleholder job
●Allows audiences to truly get to know the candidate
●Allows ability to see how these discussions take place in a public forum showcasing the greater ability to communicate., stage presence, commanding presence,and relatability
●Allows ability to judge first impression reaction
●Allows ability to determine if the candidate cannot simply answer the question asked,but build on a conversation from the personal interview
●Allows the ability to see interactivity and discussion
●Allows the ability to see if candidate can serve as a role model and is reflective of her generation

Evening Wear/Social Impact Statement Competition 20%
Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Red Carpet Glamour
●Allows a look into a how the candidate exhibits her own personal style, attitude,personality,grace, presence,and confidence while making her own statement about her mission for the job.
●Allows a look into composure, confidence, the attention she captures on the stage, her command of the stage, presence,and how she appears in the spotlight
●Allows ability to judge first impression reaction
●Allows a look at posture and carriage
●Allows a chance to hear a candidate’s presentation of her social impact initiative forsocial media in a different setting .

Talent 40%
Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice:Talent
●Allows insight into the candidate’s preparatory and performance skills
●Looks at selection of talent presentation,as well as the performance
●Looks at interpretive ability and technical skill level including execution, technique,synchronization,and control
●Allows insight into stage presence and on-state personality
●Allows a look at the totality of the elements; Costume, Props, Music, Voice, Use of the Body,and Choreography
●Looks for how the performance to be enjoyable and relatable